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Leena Ironwill / Aug 25, 2013
Alright, folks, we haven't really had a coherent Guild Mission schedule for a while. And now that I have achieved ultimate power, I plan on changing that.

One of our major problems was Friday nights didn't really work for some people. Understandable, considering Friday is often date/going out/get drunk night. So I think the first order of business is to figure out what days work for people, and more importantly, what days absolutely do *not* work for people.

Please leave a comment below listing your best days, days that will be okay, and days that will 100% not work. We will figure out exact times later (I'll make a proper forum poll), but let's assume 9PM EST (-5 GMT) just to be safe, as that allows most people to join in.

We're super close to puzzles (40 merits away), and while I could just run Guild Trek Tier 1 by myself for the next eight weeks to get them, I prefer not to. Hope to hear your input.


Sat/Sun are best for me and M/Tues are ok; W/Th/F are generally dodgy.
9 PM EST is good for me regardless of the day. I'd prefer Sunday - Thursday though.
While I only have four data points (myself included), I think it's likely going to be on Monday night, given the turnout of the past weeks, and what I've heard from people. Makes sense. Most people have nothing to do on Monday nights anyway.
Sidenote (just for the sake of argument): Saturday would be a tricky day to run missions, since they reset at 9pm PST that night.
I think it's likely that we will be moving away from Weekends for missions in general. Monday seems to be the consensus, based on input and past turnout. I'll wait until I have more responses, but the way it's going, I'm going to start running them Monday Nights.

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