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Awards for June 2013

Harlowe / Jun 08, 2013
Congrats to our new Dungeon Masters and Master Crafters.
And also~

Leena Ironwill
Sugar Momma
, for donating a boatload of gold to the guild, to help us get the influence we needed for missions.

Level 400 Pip Pip Cheerio
, for awesome Britishisms.

Absinthe Fairy
, for "that one night Lachu got drunk in guild chat", and because she is an active and well-loved member of the guild. <3

Token Sylvari
. 'Nuff said.

Pinch Hitter
, for always volunteering to help out.

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Many thanks, I feel honored. Seems they made a Brit out of me already.
Also apologies for not being on lately. I've got some things to sort out and am back in Berlin with my folks this week.
See you all next week! :)

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