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April/May 2013 Awards

Harlowe / May 02, 2013
So we may have skipped a month, but, y'know, whatever. Without further ado, here are this month's honorees—

Leena Ironwill
Legendary in His Own Mind, for crafting The Moot.
Also*, Sugar Momma (aka Drinks for a Week), for donating a boatload of gold to the guild, to help us get the influence we needed for missions.
* Unfortunately, we can only award one award at a time, so just pretend, k.

Chuck Norris' Stunt Double (aka Pinch Hitter), for always volunteering to help out groups in need of members.

The Party Bringer, for bringing enthusiasm and spunkiness to guild events, and for playing along with our more colorful conversations.


In addition, congratulations to those who've achieved Crafting Master and/or Dungeon Master over the past two months!


Welp, better donate more gold to secure my position as guild Sugar Mama. Try and stop me, Strange!
It is a little known fact that there is a second asura facility that is the same size as Rata Sum. But it's sole purpose is to house Leena's vast fortune. It is even less well known that the uncategorized fractal is meant to represent a possible future where that facility is raided and destroyed by Trahearne and the Pact armies in order to fund research into weapons meant to combat the elder dragons. The crazed asura is the head of vault security, driven insane by his failure to protect Leena's riches, while the traps and monsters are the remnants of the defenses that protect those riches. And the reason Dessa is so distraught at the beginning of the fractal is because she's secretly receiving money from Leena to further her fractal research and she's terrified at the sight of the source of her funding being lost.
That is the *last* time I hire someone from reddit to be my security guard. All they can talk about is cats!
I posted then went "what the....what is that icon on my gecko...'' Haha, thanks yall..and sorry I keep missing our guild bounties, dang retail schedules.

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