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Guild Titles & Monthly Awards

Selaesori / Feb 27, 2013
We've been cooking up this idea for a while now, and now it is official!

Honorees for March 2013

Drinks for a Week awarded to Gekkou Bushi
hey Pathwalkers *hic* this ruonds o n me

Level 400 Beardcrafter awarded to Hanep
He's got the most-viewed thread on the site. I blame the beard.

Mr. Congeniality awarded to Xvaal
"♫ There he is, Mr. Congeniality. On the site, groups, and mumble, he's friendly and humble... ♫"

Pinch Hitter awarded to Niemi Rose
Us: "Hi, Niemi. I know you didn't sign up for this event, it's really early on the pacific coast, and you probably are doing something much more interesting right now, but we need a 5th for this incredibly long dungeon that will take you all day." Niemi: "Sure."

Introducing Guild Titles

Guild titles are "Honorary Ranks" that recognize member accomplishments. Some are competitive (highest fractal level & highest achievement points), others are shared labels (Dungeon Master, Alt Master, Commander). We also will label award winners as "Honorees" for the month they were given an award.

Other than Commanders (who we will give guild claiming privileges in WvW) no advantages are given to members with these titles. However, we hope these ranks will communicate to new members that you are someone to go to for help in a particular area of the game!

We've set up a forum post for more information on each title. Select a title below to learn more.



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