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Ducea / Jan 18, 2015
In recognition of our glorious rise to power on the Tahyang server. We have brought low the mighty temptress of the Arcadian sea. In spite of the seabug trials, vicious waves, and bloated corpses Selaesori held true to his shield while our arcane and arrow fighters threw their power and ferocity till triumph ensued!

Selaesori / Oct 14, 2014

Despite some a lot of server down time this weekend, we still managed to get our galleons built and raise over 800g for a fishing boat! Thanks everyone for donating your time and gold. We should be ready to build it by this weekend, so now is a good time to start working on your fishing skill! We have many Azalea bundles in the guild bank if you need worms.

We also had our first Trosk River race, crowning Landryck as Mayor of Pathwalkers Village. Video below: