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Builds & Classes

Serpentis builds

I don't think we have a dedicated spot for builds for serpentis. I've only played Primeval and Cleric so I'll contribute thatPrimeval:Use free runner to run/pewpew faster Keep dead-eye up when intensity is not available. Spam intensity on cool-dow...
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Steaknshake22600Small Forsnaken 2y
Builds & Classes

Templar Tanking

Had a lot of success last night tanking as a templar. Thought I'd share my build.Equipment:Stone ClothMaceShieldFocus on Healing Power, Stamina, and SpiritConsumables:Physical Defense Potion, Brick Wall Spellbook, HP PotionThis sets me at 17.5k HP...
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Selaesori21522Small Dartemien 2y
Builds & Classes

The Riddler!

Also known as, Enigmatist, or "Why the hell is this mage fighting in melee range?" Really fun in 5x5 arenas. And by golly, I like it better than Daggerspell.Click here for the build It's Sorcery damage-focused with a lot of instants and AOE, steal...
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Redwell21273Small Dartemien 3y
Builds & Classes

Skull Knight

I recently switched to Skull Knight as I really didn't like playing Sorcery after level 30. It is going to be a long road to level up the skill trees, but I'm already enjoying it.Here is the build I plan to use initially:
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Builds & Classes

Tomb Warden

"Tomb Wardens" are selfless, undying protectors of the dead. Each one dedicates itself to the eternal guardianship of a tomb, graveyard, or similar repository of the dead, and gains great powers while within that area.Sort of an odd class name for...
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Selaesori52403Small Selaesori 3y
Builds & Classes


Here's my plan for a generalized world-roaming, PVP-friendly build that could also do decent damage/CC in dungeons: to make it faster and mobile. Could probably drop the Meditate or the...
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