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#10715784 Feb 24, 2015 at 11:01 AM
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I don't think we have a dedicated spot for builds for serpentis. I've only played Primeval and Cleric so I'll contribute that

Use free runner to run/pewpew faster

Keep dead-eye up when intensity is not available. Spam intensity on cool-down.

Bloodthirst builds very quickly with this build, once you get 10+ stacks Piercing Bolt does quite a bit of damage, use it even against bosses that don't take the bleeding debuff.

Concussive arrow is useful in that room with the waves. Rain of arrows is a good DPS against bosses too. Float can be a good ability too instead of Concussive

Don't be afraid to spam charged bolt on cool-down, additional damage is good.

Wings can be replaced for meditate if you're in a room that doesn't need wings.

Spam endless-arrows?

Spam songs, heal when needed, I basically follow that neat little guide I posted a few days ago.

Add your builds and tell me if I'm doing something wrong.
#10718816 Feb 24, 2015 at 09:15 PM
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Edgewalker is what i typically run since i can easily switch between primary Heals or DPS just by switching weapons.

There are 3 extra points to throw in wherever you want. As primary healer the Vitalism points are all that really matter... everything else can be moved around. I just like the DPS and mana regen passives of Occultism
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