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Builds & Classes

Serpentis builds

I don't think we have a dedicated spot for builds for serpentis. I've only played Primeval and Cleric so I'll contribute thatPrimeval:Use free runner to run/pewpew faster Keep dead-eye up when intensity is not available. Spam intensity on cool-dow...
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Steaknshake22774Small Forsnaken 2y

So yeah, Hello and welcome to all the newcomers!

Hey folks, just wanted to put an umbrella post here to let everyone know that I'm happy to see more fine people join this amazing group of folks. The Pathwalkers are an incredible bunch of peeps as I'm sure you are all realizing. Due to some com...
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Dartemien02145Small Dartemien 2y


Hi! I'm Gwynnera (or Gwynn, it works too)! Thanks again for letting me join! I'm very excited to experience more of the game, and hang out with you fine folks! I love to game, even though I'm not all that great at it! I recently came from World of...
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Gwynnera54197Small Dartemien 2y


Hi all,I'm new to Archeage and I saw your posts on reddit and you all sounded like a great group.Looking to enjoy the game, crafting, socializing, PvE, etc.I'm sure I have much to learn. Currently a level 24 Stone Arrow.Thanks,Pallando
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I am fairly new here but I am really excited to be here! Well for starters, I am Cole and I am a 21 year old who is finishing up his last year at The University of Kentucky before beginning the long adventure that is law school. However, in game I...
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Hello Pathwalkers!

So we've been playing this game for a few months. Enjoying so many aspects of Archeage. Since introducing my husband to MMOs a few years ago, we haven't been guilded much. Baby steps, eh? I really think Pathwalkers fits us quite nicely. I rea...
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Ayahuasca72861Small Hydrophis 2y

Hello from Piappallii

Hi There! Sorry for not posting a hello message in the forums sooner and thanks for adding me to your guild.I'm a trans gal from Washington State who is finding herself getting hooked on playing this Archeage game lately... even if I'm only doing ...
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Hey guys new player here!

I applied to the guild because of a reddit post. You all sound like some cool laid back people. I have not been in AA too much lately but still playing. I came from the Ollo server which was not a good fit for me. My character name is Raybelle....
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Builds & Classes

Templar Tanking

Had a lot of success last night tanking as a templar. Thought I'd share my build.Equipment:Stone ClothMaceShieldFocus on Healing Power, Stamina, and SpiritConsumables:Physical Defense Potion, Brick Wall Spellbook, HP PotionThis sets me at 17.5k HP...
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Selaesori21594Small Dartemien 3y


Hello All,First off i would like to say Thank you, i'm excited to game with everyoneand build new friendships! Hope all is well, can't wait to see you all in game!
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Hello fellow gamers, thanks for the warm welcome about a week ago. I don't get online much these days, so this thread was just brought to my attention. :) A little about myself I guess...I'm in graduate school getting my masters. So I'll have spur...
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Snowhite52541Small Dartemien 3y


Hello people of Pathwalkers, my IGN is Nibiru, but my IRL name is Cory. If you use either, I should respond depending on my state of wakefulness. I am at heart a PvP player, but I enjoy some PvE content too. I really love the way this game has sit...
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Nibiru73164Small Dartemien 3y

Hey guys, Vechs here :)

Hai!I like fishing and privateering and generally being out on the water in this game.I dunno what else to say -- sometimes because of work I might be a little quiet on the game, since sometimes I play just to unwind and unplug. I guess that's ab...
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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to take a second and introduce myself. I live in Kentucky. I am 44 years old married and father of three, this keeps RL pretty hopping!! I apologize ahead of time for any commotion that bleeds into chat occasionally when ...
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Builds & Classes

The Riddler!

Also known as, Enigmatist, or "Why the hell is this mage fighting in melee range?" Really fun in 5x5 arenas. And by golly, I like it better than Daggerspell.Click here for the build It's Sorcery damage-focused with a lot of instants and AOE, steal...
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Redwell21353Small Dartemien 3y


Hi. I'm Lanarchy, and IRL Marc. I fix computers around Washington DC. I run a few websites, host a few games, host mumble and teamspeak, and just love computers and is my crowning achievement so far.So, yea. Hi!
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Hey, just starting to try out Archeage for the first time, thanks for the invite!I'm Lynn, (Hydrophis in-game) and It's nice to meet you all! I've played MMOs all my life and now I'm giving this one a whirl. I'm going to school for my web design &...
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Hydrophis52391Small Dartemien 3y

Intro! Duh...

Hi all!I'm Jon, Steaknshake in-game. I've been into MMOs since Guild Wars (1), hopping here and there (Aion, SWTOR, Rift, Guild Wars 2 Wildstar) ever since and none have caught my interest like Guild Wars once did... until now.I'm a software engin...
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Steaknshake42108Small Dartemien 3y


This is Blacthorn aka Bill from Chicago long long time MMo player three days into Archeage so sorry for any rookie questions. Thank You very much for the invite,
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Hello, my name's Tony and my toon is Tonytwotoes.I recently medically retired from the military and am now a college student. I most often play multiplayer games and RPGs. I've been gaming for quite awhile. But, didn't get into the MMO scene until...
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